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Why Rani-E Auto Rickshaw is a Smart Alternative to Petrol/CNG 3-Wheelers?

Rani-E Auto Rickshaw is more than a 3-wheeler; it is a sustainable mass passenger transport solution that fulfils the mobility needs of citizens in both urban and semi-urban areas. Running and maintaining a Rani-E Auto Rickshaw is Economical, Efficient and Eco-Friendly. It is a completely non-polluting mode of public transport that creates value for both rickshaw owners as well as passengers.


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Futuristic Features


Passenger Safety & Comfort

  • Regular Auto handle.
  • Lockable glove box.
  • Modern Dashboard.
  • Radio and mobile charging port.
  • Centralized foot pedal braking.
  • Handle lighter and more comfortable than regular Auto.
  • Hydraulic shock absorber with Anti-Dive feature!!
  • Hydraulic Master cylinder braking system with rear discs for safe and efficient braking.
  • All metal body for better safety.

Superior Charging System

  • 2 year warranty.
  • 7 hour charge time for Lead Acid.
  • 3 hour charge time for Li-Ion and LFP battery.
  • Battery level Indicator.
  • 110km per charge. Lead acid 125Ah. 6 months/500 cycle warranty .
  • 125km per charge. Lead acid 140Ah. 1 year warranty.
  • 110km per charge. Li-Ion/LFP 100Ah. 3 Year Li-Ion/LFP battery warranty

Riding Pleasure

  • Comfortable double passenger seats.
  • Seating 4 passengers very comfortably.
  • Unique hill climb feature to climb steep hills and flyovers.
  • Rigid Rear axle.
  • Small turning radius.
  • Leaf Spring.
  • Shock absorber with helical springs.
  • Comfortable drive on village roads.
  • Better driving stability and safety.
  • Rear disc brake for efficient braking.
  • Helical spring
  • Comfortable dual rear seats
  • 4 passenger capacity.
  • Comfortably seats 6 passengers.

Cost-effective Operation

  • Free Registration!!!*
  • Water proof, can be easily used during rains.
  • Tested up to 1km in 2 feet of water.
  • Rear shock absorbers for better comfort.
  • Modern dashboard with radio and mobile charging facility.
  • Weather resistant artificial leather canopy.
  • No Permit needed!!

Design & Engineering

  • Built using Bajaj and TVS parts.
  • Full metal body.
  • Manufactured in India.
  • Indian Motor and Indian Controller
  • Rear disc brake for powerful braking.
  • Comfortable driving and handling.
  • ARAI approved!!

ARAI Approved